In almost every corner of Australia you are likely to find a signpost pointing to a scenic lookout that offers you an invitation to stop a while during your travels and take in a view. This may simply be the chance to stretch your legs between A and B and briefly scan the horizon or look down on a town or up at a mountain. Maybe it’s the opportunity to make an appreciative nod towards the light and the land and observe a pleasing landform underlying a perfect sunset. Either way, this blog encourages you to do just that — and then a bit more. I invite you to linger a little longer, look a little harder, and see or hear a little more.
A view point or lookout is much more than it seems at a casual glance. My aim is to take the reader a little beyond just what the eye or camera can see. After all, whatever you take home with you after your visit to some lofty eyrie, either within your mind’s eye or in your camera, within your sight there were a multitude of unseen environments and stories.
This project is primarily inspired by a lovely book I recently read which illustrated and discussed the writer’s favourite 100 views in England. Since I have been spending a fair amount of time in Victoria and have long been drawn to its great variety of accessible landscapes and environments I thought a similar exercise restricted to Victoria would make an absorbing and challenging photographic, research and writing project.
The outlet for this project in progress will be my working prints, but in the future it may run as far as an exhibition or a printed or electronic publication.
Three draft examples are shown in the underlying pages …